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Our Organisation has a long and proud history of representing operational employees in the Industries of Local Government, Botanical Gardens, Cemeteries and Racing since 1903.

We have undergone many changes over this long period while maintaining our core commitment to advocate for, represent with integrity and fight for the rights of union members in these industries.

In joining our organisation you become part of this history and the ongoing commitment to maintain improve the wages and conditions of your work colleagues In doing this you also multiply the benefits to those that you protect and support.

Not one condition of employment that is commonly accepted and understood to be a “standard employment benefit” was achieved by any party other than your Union and other Unions fighting for these benefits  either in the workplace or in the Courts of Law.

We welcome you to our workplace family.


Andrew Johnson




Setting the Agenda


Pushing Forward


Andrea Ballantyne (Union Assistant Secretary)

Andrew Johnson (Union Secretary)



Get in touch with LGRCEU to find out more about our organization and the work we do.

(08) 9242 5158 or (08) 9444 3283 Toll 1800 199 945

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