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Do you have Home, Car and/or Contents Insurance?


What is the next most valuable thing that you possess after your House and Car?


So why not have Job Insurance?


The LGRCEU can provide all of the benefits set out below from $11.00 per week tax deductible.

Job protection ($ 11.00 per week) versus a packet cigarettes ($ 25.00 +) + the potential for cancer as an added bonus.


Job protection ($11.00 per week) versus 1 hour with a Solicitor ($ 319.00 - $ 440.00) depending on years of experience.


Access available by phone, face to face, email, skype and via website.

            For your family’s protection  “Join your Union”  


The Union is able to offer Professional Industrial Relations and Employment Related services in the following areas;

  • Employment Agreements & Awards

  • Workers Compensation

  • Legal Assistance (personal injuries)

  • Superannuation

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Equal Opportunity

  • Unfair Dismissals and Disciplinary Matters

  • Access to Financial Advisory Services

  • Shoprite (comprehensive discount service)

  • Equal Opportunity

  • Holiday Homes, Denmark and Ledge Point




    DEAN STEPHENS                        0413 095 805

    ANDREW JOHNSON                  0417 923 899

    ANDREA BALLANTYNE             0407 445 813

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